About Us

Message From Our President/CEO

Emirates pulse grew in the hearts of his sons, and love not only aware of who lived in its territory. This prestigious portal is what prompted me to do what the UAE deserves, as an expression of the deep and rooted love in our midst, so I have been researching for two years about the latest global technology, which is a pioneer in the field of agriculture.

During the research, I explored all the obstacles faced by the UAE farmer and created all the solutions that proved to be useful in the application. Note that the project went beyond the limits of the business to far beyond, for its support to all farmers. And beyond its resonance to the Gulf countries, as we receive delegations from neighboring countries for what they look forward to know this unique and fruitful system and the only one of its kind in the Middle East.

I will explain all the details, so that this document is a source for all those who wish to join this project which I proudly offer to our beloved government and people and in accordance with the words of His Highness Sheikh Zayed (may Allah have mercy on him).(( You are the sons of the UAE, the real investment for us and today we offer you the education to make your fruits tomorrow. ))

It is time for you, my beloved country, to reap the rewards of your children with effort and action, which is the true expression of patriotism and allegiance, and our emirates remain in first place.


Advanced agricultural innovation, quality of products and international excellence.


Use the latest agricultural systems to produce the best quality products, achieve food security and achieve global excellence.


Working to provide healthy products free of Chemicals to our society, offering all possible way of assistance to all farmers to invest their lands for their benefit, to ensure that our children are taught the concepts of agriculture and express the love of the homeland with effort and Action